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Doozer is an extensible, automated hash cracking utility used to automate the parsing, cracking, and organization of password hashes. Currently, Doozer supports nt/lm, ntlmv1, and ntlmv2 hashes (from Responder or SAM), but sports a modular architecture that allows other hash types to be trivially plugged in. A simple, Django-based web interface allows users to view cracking sessions in real time, view session results, and search the hash database. A simple REST API is also exposed, allowing scripts to easily interface with the database.

This tool’s features a folder monitoring solution; in order to provide a seamless method for cracking hashes, Doozer allows you to set a folder that it will monitor for hash files. Once a file is dropped into this location, Doozer will move it to a working directory and queue it for cracking. Doozer supports a configurable number of parallel cracking sessions as well as a simple queuing system to automatically start up sessions once one has completed. This is configured in doozer/core/

There are bugs, and Doozer is currently still in development.

Hash view: Hashes

Session view: Session


  • django-1.5+ (tested on 1.5.4)
  • django-bootstrap3
  • watchdog
  • requests
  • passlib


  • — Manages monitoring our watched folder, running, and spinning up jobs.
  • — Auxiliary tool for interacting with masterhor. Can be used to insert data into the master list.
  • — doozer – the next generation

To run:

$ ./doozer/ --startup 

This kicks off our Django application as well as our monitoring application


Please see the wikipedia entry for usage information


  • roll over monitor_log and create a log archive
  • limit default hash page to top 100
  • add more awesome hash types
  • provide more hash statistics (reports?)

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