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Evil-Droid Framework-v0.2 – Apk payload generator and Binder


Evil-Droid Framework . version 0.2

Author: Mascerano Bachir [ dev-labs ]

Legal Disclamer:

The author does not hold any responsibility for the bad use of this tool,
remember this is only for educational purpose.


Evil-Droid is a framework that create & generate & embed apk payload to penetrate android platforms


Old version 0.1 pic1



Dependencies :

1 - metasploit-framework
2 - xterm
3 - Zenity
4 - Aapt
5 - Apktool
6 - Zipalign

Download/Config/Usage of Evil Droid:

1? - Download the tool from github
     git clone

2? - Set script execution permission
     cd Evil-Droid
     chmod +x evil-droid

4?- Run Evil-Droid Framework :
     see options bellow	   

video tutorial: old version

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