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Trying to be the best tool to search for exploits in the terminal.

ExploitOnCLI or “EOC” is a tool written in PHP for Linux, designed to search for exploits in multiple exploit databases (no online search will be performed, but yes in a local file), the databases are:

  • Exploit-DB
  • PacketStormSecurity
  • IEDB
  • Siph0n
  • CXSecurity
  • Exploit4Arab

The displayed results are filtered, so an “overlay” of databases can happen, depending on what(string) is being searched.

In this version we have the following options:

Simple Search: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –search/-s EX: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –search/-s RobotCPA

simple update: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –update

Update a specific database: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –update=”DBS” EX: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –update=iedb EX2: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –update=iedb,packetstorm

For help: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –help/-h

For ‘about’: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –about/-a

Option to download the results to the local folder: root@root ~ # php eoc.php –down/-d

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