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Get : bash script to fast retrieve an ip from hostname

Written by Mubassir patel


  • Get is a bash script to fast retrieve an IP from the hostname or vice-versa.




  • Get tool is still in development , some bugs may appear


  • dnsutils
  • wget (for updates)
  • apt-get install dnsutils wget -y

How to Install Get

  • git clone¬†https://github.com/peterpt/get.git
  • cd get && ./get
  • On the first run, the script will install itself on /usr/local/sbin directory
  • After that point just write (get) anywhere in the terminal to run it

How to Use

  • get -i google.com
  • To get the hostname from an ip
  • get -h

About the author

Mubassir patel

Mubassir is a founder and developer of this site. He is a computer science engineer. He has a very deep interest in ethical hacking, penetration testing, website development and including all technology topic.

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