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operative Framework : information gathering Tool


version twitter

Copyright (c) 2017 written in python with Love

Author: Tristan Granier (graniet)

This is a framework based on fingerprint action, this tool is used for get information on website or enterprise target

Dependency & launching
  • for webinterface php cli needed
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • python
  • You can start a (gathering/fingerprinting) campaign with :campaign command.
  • Update a value of YOURWEBSITE.COM / ENTERPRISE_NAME in config.json file.
  • You can add a module process for a customized campaign.
Web Interface
operative Framework
operative Framework
  • Load operative web interface
  • use all module with web interface
JSON api
  • List all operative framework modules from JSON API
  • Get required element from module from JSON API
  • use module from JSON API
Browser Dork
  • use browser dork module with BHDB

Core Modules in Operative Framework

  • core/modules/defaultPassword
  • core/modules/cms_gathering
  • core/modules/domain_search
  • core/modules/email_to_domain
  • core/modules/https_gathering
  • core/modules/linkedin_search
  • core/modules/reverse_ipdomain
  • core/modules/search_db
  • core/modules/waf_gathering
  • core/modules/whois_domain
  • core/modules/generate_email
  • core/modules/viadeo_search
  • core/modules/file_common
  • core/modules/get_websiteurl
  • core/modules/getform_data
  • core/modules/subdomain_search
  • core/modules/vhost_IPchecker
  • core/modules/tools_suggester
  • core/modules/metatag_look
  • core/modules/header_retrieval
SQL File forensics
  • import database in core/dbs/
  • read table
  • read columns
  • search information with pattern

Write module

For write module look core/modules/sample_module class


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This is only for testing purposes and can only be used where strict consent has been given. Do not use this for illegal purposes, period.

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