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Written by Mubassir patel


pentest tools(pen testing) is a collection of useful and best penetration testing tool. Pentest tools script will download every useful tool. This is a bunch of pentest-tools(Frmework for penetration testers) using this we can take over the control on the target system. This is a best tool for vulnerability scan and we can also use this as a network mapper.

Pentest-tools usage:


Connect to a server and try to decode BIGipServer cookie for internal IP

Example: big-ip-decode.rb 443


Loads each line of the supplied file into burp targets list (GET request through proxy)

Usage: burp_loader.rb [options]
-f, --file FILENAME              A line separate file of targets
-q, --quiet                      Disable verbose messages
-h, --help                       Display this screen

Example: burp_loader.rb -f urls.txt


Try to establish an IKE session with Cisco ASA and look for a response to fragmented message

Example usage:
	$ sudo ./cisco-ike-frag-test.rb
	[+] Sending IKE Initialization packet to
	[+] Session established, using Responder SPI: 9746b216c3d865ff
	[+] Sending IKE Fragmentation packets...
	[!] Recieved INVALID-SYNTAX notification


Perform a numeric sort for a line-separated file of IP addresses.

Example: ipsort.rb ips.txt


Parses a Nessus XML output file and lists findings for each host sorted by CVSS.

Usage: nessus_list.rb [options]
    -f, --file FILENAME              Nessus XML output file
    -i, --ignore                     Ignore Info findings (CVSS: 0)
    -c, --color                      Colorize findings by severity
    -h, --help                       Display this screen

Example: nessus_parse.rb -i -f file.nessus


Creates a Word Docx table populated with open ports from nmap/masscan XML files.

Usage: net_discovery_reporter.rb [options]
    -f, --file FILENAME,FILENAME2    Nmap XML file (singular, or a comma-separated list)
    -d, --dir PATH                   Directory of Nmap XML files
    -t, --targets FILENAME           Line separated file of targets to include in table
    -v, --verbose                    Enable verbose messages
    -h, --help                       Display this screen

Example: net_discovery_reporter.rb -d ./


Ruby implementation of Progress OpenEdge’s PBKDF stored function for creating AES cipher keys from cleartext. Requires: rbkb

Usage: openedge.rb

$ ./openedge.rb
Cleartext password:

Master Key (base64 encoded):

Master Key (hex):


Use selenium to attack sonicwall login with wordlist through Firefox, since the login performs client-side JS crypto that most tools can’t emulate easily. Mostly a one-off tool. Modify the source with target info, wordlist, etc.

Example: sonicwall_selenium.rb top pentest tools

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