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Shodanhat : search for hosts info with shodan

Written by Mubassir patel

ShodanHat : Search for hosts info with shodan


You need to install shodan with pip install shodan or easy_install shodan.
You need to install python-nmap with pip install python-nmap.
You need to set your API Key in the ‘’ file.


-h, --help show this help message and exit
 -i IP, --ip=IP info about one host
 -l LIST, --list=LIST info about a list of hosts
 -s SQ, --sq=SQ searchquery string
 --nmap perform a nmap scan in the hosts
 --setkey=SETKEY set your api key automatically
 -r RANGE, --range=RANGE scan a range of ips. ex:
 -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT specify a output file

Nmap Options:
 --sS TCP Syn Scan
 --sT TCP Connect Scan
 --sU UDP Scan


For One Host
python -i IP
For a list of Hosts
python -l list.txt
You can also set a searchquery to make a specific query with ‘-s’ option!




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