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Social Recon

Information Gathering Tool


Social Recon

Social Recon

Social Recon locates and compiles information about online personalities, given a username and/or email address. Use this to investigate your own online presence, summarize the digital footprint of someone you know, or uncover the person behind a specific username.

Getting Started

  • Clone or fork the repo to your machine.
  • Once downloaded, cd into the osint-scraper directory.
  • Begin a new virtual environment with Python 3 and activate it.
  • cd into the next osint-scraper directory. It should be at the same level of the file.
  • pip install -e . on the command line to install all dependencies.
  • $ pserve development.ini --reload to serve the application on http://localhost:6543


  • Python 3.5
  • See requirements.txt and

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