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Teleshadow2- Advanced Telegram Desktop Session Hijacker!


TeleShadow 2

Teleshadow2- Advanced Telegram Desktop Session Hijacker!


Stealing desktop telegrams has never been so easy !

Set the email and sender details of the sender and recipient or use Telegram API! and send it to the victim after compiling.

How do I use the session file?

Delete everything inside folder at “C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Telegram Desktop\tdata” Then Replace Uncompressed files inside tdata folder who resiver from victim to your telegram tdata !

A Demo ?

Video :

What features does it have?

  •  Support SMTP Transport!
  •  Support Telegram API Transport!
  •  Support FakeMessage!
  •  Support Custom Icon!
  •  Bypass Two-step confirmation
  •  Bypass Inherent identity and need 5-digit verification code
  •  Support for the official telegram desktop only windows !

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