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TIDoS-Framework : Web Penetration Testing Toolkit

Written by Mubassir patel

TIDoS-Framework : Wreb Penetration Testing Tool

TIDoS-Framework is a python toolkit for comprehensive penetration testing of websites. Check out if your website is vulnerable ūüėČ

A list of features TIDoS-Framework has to offer:

  • ¬†Has capabilities of effective Reconnaissance about a website.
  • ¬†Can perform many tasks with just the domain of the website.
  • ¬†Some of them include Reverse-DNS, Reverse-IP LookUp of the website.
  • ¬†Can check the connectivity strength of your website by flooding it at the UDP level.
  • ¬†All the scripts are easily orderly arranged in a separate folder.
  • ¬†Its written mostly using pre-defined APIs so results are pretty accurate.
  • ¬†Suited specially for complete reconnaisance of the website.

TIDoS-Framework : Wreb Penetration Testing Tool


Use the following command to clone it

git clone

After downloading, navigate to This Tool directory with the following command

cd TIDoS-Framework

Now install the required dependencies with the following command


TIDoS web penetration testing tool

Now you are good to go! Run TIDoS with the following command


Using This Tool :-

You can enter¬† help¬†in target prompt for keyword usages.Example – “revdns” for ‘Reverse DNS LookUP of the website’. – “geoip” for ‘geoIP LookUp of the website’.

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