How to Install WPSeku in Termux?

wpseku in termux
Written by Mubassir patel

Hello, friends in this post I am going teach you How to Install Termux in Android and also How to install WPSeku in Termux for finding vulnerabilities of the WordPress site and username of the site admin. Now let’s first install Termux in android.

Requirements for install wpseku in Termux:-

  1. Android Phone
  2. Internet Connection

Step-1: Open google play store and search Termux. After that Install Termux On your android.


Step-2: Open Termux app on your phone. When you open the Termux app it will automatically install recommended packages.


Step-3: When the app is completely open type below commands to upgrade packages. Finally, your app is completely installed.

pkg upgrade (This command will be upgrade the termux packages )

Now, Lets Install WPSeku in Termux, But before that, we need to install some requirements and also allow to Termux for Storage Permission for that just type this command termux-setup-storage. So, first, we will install those requirements.

Requirements for WPSeku:-

  1. Termux app
  2. internet connection
  3. python2
  4. git

Now, Let’s start the installation of WPSeku in Termux.

Step-1: First we will install python2 packages in termux. Type below command.

   pkg install python2 && pkg install python




Step-2:  Second we install git packages: pkg install git


Step-3: Now, we clone wpseku packages from to Termux app. Copy all the below commands and paste it into Termux one by one.

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git clone

      cd WPSeku (Change Directory to WPSeku )

      ls (List all directory)

Step-4: Now, we install requirements to run this wpseku perfectly in Termux.

pip install -r requirements.txt (This command will install requirements python packages)


Step-5: Now, type this command to run WPSeku.




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