Blu PowerShell Service

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Blu Powershell Service

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Blu is a new way to leverage Chef methods in Windows using PowerShell. To use Blu you need a Chef server installed and properly configured in your infrastructure.  Blu is a set of Chef client-side tools, following all the methods and concepts, accepted by the Chef community.

Getting started

The quickest way to get started with Blu PowerShell service is to get a copy of BluService.exe and BluShell.exe and save it into C:\Blu folder. Then register the Windows service by::

sc create "Blu Powershell Runspace Service" binpath= C:\Blu\BluService.exe

Then go to C:\Blu folder and execute a simple PowerShell command using BluShell.exe::

cd C:\Blu
BluShell.exe -Command 'Get-Command;'

This PowerShell command will show you a list of available commands, and is running in BluShell seamlessly as inside a PowerShell console.
Now try::

BluShell.exe -Command "$a = Get-Command;"

Then close the powershell session. Normally this is going to garbage collect all the objects and variables that are defined in a PowerShell runspace.
To illustrate how BluService changes this behaviour, start a command prompt again (or a PowerShell session) and execute::

cd C:\Blu
BluShell.exe -Command "$a" 

As you can see, the variable $a still returns a valid list of all available commands.
This new PowerShell behavior is extremely useful for PowerShell automation and specially in Chef cookbooks.
Blu PowerShell service does not dispose the variables in the current scope unless you dispose them manually.
You can also look at Windows event viewer for event id 271, source BluService to monitor what is running under the hood.

BluStation Screenshots:

Chef API interface:


To know more about many other futures of Blu toolkit, please continue reading: Blu Documentation

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