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Breacher – Admin Login Finder And EAR Vulnerabilities

Written by Mubassir patel

Breacher – Admin Login Finder And EAR Vulnerabilities

Breacher – Admin Login Finder And EAR Vulnerabilities: Breacher is a script to find admin login pages and EAR vulnerabilites.


  •  Multi-threading on demand
  •  Big path list (482 paths)
  •  Supports php, asp and html extensions
  •  Checks for potential EAR vulnerabilites
  •  Checks for robots.txt
  •  Support for custom patns


  • All php Extensions
python breacher -u --type php
  • Check all paths with php extension with threads
python breacher -u --type php --fast
  •  without threads
python breacher -u
  • Adding a custom path. For example if you want all paths to start with /data (…) you can do this:
python breacher -u --path /data

Note: When you specify an extension using –type option, Breacher includes paths of that extension as well as paths with no extensions like /admin/login

Video Demo


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