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FSociety Ransomware : Jester ransomware

Written by Mubassir patel

FSociety ransomware

Fsociety ransomware graniet

Fsociety ransomware

On movie

Fsociety ransomware graniet

Fsociety Ransomware

Required lib :

  • Crypto++
  • CURL

G++ flags used for test

  • g3
  • ggdb
  • O0
  • Wall
  • Wextra
  • Wno-unused
  • lcryptopp
  • lcurl

Ransomware Step

  • Initial
  • File listing
  • File parser
  • Encrypt files source with AES Library
  • Change filename with filename+.locked
  • Send to jester C&C (Number file…)
  • Ask reward & setup jester pages

(For security reason the ransomware crypt only .txt but you can change on c++ file)

please remember this is just a PoC the ransomware is not stable is just for fun!


In futur i’ll add multiple step (Decrypt on file for free, FAQ …).


This is Jester ransomware like, in Mr Robot movie (coded by Darlene S1E2,3), Please beware warning, after start you can’t recover the files (In movie, the public key is not shared). Please don’t use this malware on personal computer. This project is just a wink of mr robot serie.

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