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Written by Mubassir patel
 ABOUT: katana framework written in python for making penetration testing, based on a simple and comprehensive structure for anyone to use, modify and share, the goal is to unify tools serve for professional when making a penetration test or simply as a routine tool, The current version is not completely stable, is recommended update ever that you use it.

The project is open to partners.


The Katana framework source code is organized as follows:

core/ > Source code core
core/logs/ > Registers of modules
files/db/ > Dictionaries and tables
files/ > Files necessary for some modules
tmp/ > Temp files
lib/ > Libraries
doc/ > Documentation
modules/ > Scripts(modules)


Distribution Version Check supported dependencies already installed status
Kali Linux 4.4.0 yes yes Wercker
Parrot OS yes yes Wercker
Wifislax yes yes Wercker
Arch Linux 4.8.6 yes No Wercker
Raspbian 4.1.7 yes No Wercker
Ubuntu 14.04 yes No Wercker
Xbuntu 4.4.0 yes No Wercker


Installation of Katana framework: is necesary install all dependencies for a good performance.

git clone
cd KatanaFramework
sudo sh dependencies
sudo python install


SESSIONS Using sessions in each module to not waste time, VARIABLES TEMP Save results in variables for use in other modules, SYSTEM COMMANDS Execute System commands through the console, INTERNAL FUNCTIONS Run internal functions from console, GUI Graphical User interface, SETTINGS Enable and disable features easily.


Please go to the Wiki.


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Questions, bugs or suggestions related to the katana framework : [email protected] or use “Issue” on github project


Katana is licensed. See LICENSE for more information.

We need partners, if you’re interested in support or help contact.


Project in SF:
Blog of project [ES]:
Youtube Guide:

Download katana

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