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pyspider : Powerful Spider(Web Crawler)

Written by Mubassir patel

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pyspider is a Powerful Spider(Web Crawler) System in Python.  TRY IT NOW!

  • Write script in Python
  • Powerful WebUI with script editor, task monitor, project manager and result viewer
  • MySQLMongoDBRedisSQLiteElasticsearchPostgreSQL with SQLAlchemy as database backend
  • RabbitMQBeanstalkRedis and Kombu as message queue
  • Task priority, retry, periodical, recrawl by age, etc…
  • Distributed architecture, Crawl Javascript pages, Python 2.{6,7}, 3.{3,4,5,6} support, etc…

Release notes:

Sample Code

from pyspider.libs.base_handler import *

class Handler(BaseHandler):
    crawl_config = {

    @every(minutes=24 * 60)
    def on_start(self):
        self.crawl('', callback=self.index_page)

    @config(age=10 * 24 * 60 * 60)
    def index_page(self, response):
        for each in response.doc('a[href^="http"]').items():
            self.crawl(each.attr.href, callback=self.detail_page)

    def detail_page(self, response):
        return {
            "url": response.url,
            "title": response.doc('title').text(),



WARNING: WebUI is open to the public by default, it can be used to execute any command which may harm your system. Please use it in an internal network or enable need-auth for webui.





  •  a visual scraping interface like portia


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

About the author

Mubassir patel

Mubassir is a founder and developer of this site. He is a computer science engineer. He has a very deep interest in ethical hacking, penetration testing, website development and including all technology topic.

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