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SEF – Social Engineering Framework

Written by Mubassir patel

Social Engineering Framework Build Status

SEF is a framework to hack mind and sniff and exploit and many features more.

IT is tools to hack mind and make payload and malware.


1- First download framework use this command:

git clone

2- Then go to directory tools and give permission to all tools files.

3- After that install the requirements the Requirements is:

1) Metasploit Framework
2) Sqlbrowser
3) Ettercap

4- After install the requirements execute the install file and wait to finish.

5- Finally, type in the terminal seframework to run the tools.


1- Make fake download scame.
2- Mass Mailer Attack (Send fake email use real gmail account).
3- Sniif packets on your network use mitmf python script.
4- Payload creator and listner (make payload use msfvenom and start listen use msfconsole).
5- Windows exploits browser (make automatic exploit to exploit in metasploit).
6- Bluetooth toolkit (scan deivce on your area, scan bluetooth service in specific device, evil twin attack on specific bluetooth, attack on specific service in device).
7- Android toolkit (get android shell, android app databases decoder, download file from device).
8- Hack android passowrd(pattern, pin, password).

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