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Xshell is a simple script in perl to find Web Sehll uploaded Web site #How to Dowload Open your terminal and type the following commands:

[✓] git clone https://github.com/Manisso/Xshell.git

[✓] cd Xshell

[◉] sudo bash install.sh

#On Windows [✔] Download Perl.

[✓] Download Xshell.Zip

[✓] Extract Xshell.Zip into Desktop

[◉]Open CMD and type the following commands:

[✓] $cd Desktop/Xshell-master/

[✓] $perl Xshell.pl

#How to use

After installation you can use the following commands:

[✔] Type on terminal: xshell

[✔] Type on CMD: perl Xshell.pl

[✔] Type your target

[◉] Ex: www.Israel.com or www.Isreal.com/path

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